Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Final Self-Assessment

Final Self-Assessment

            I have grown a lot these last fourteen weeks. From the length of my blogs getting better, to how to learn to revise my writing, I have grown. Being in this class has changed me a lot. When I first started this class I hate blogging and I didn’t like working in groups. Since being in this class I have grown to like blogging and I actually don’t mind working in groups now. In high school I started to hate writing, but now since being in this class I’m starting to like it again.

            Stop Kony 2010 was my best piece of writing this semester. I took my time with this piece of writing. I brainstorm and mapped ideas out for this post. I think I accomplish most of the goals I stated in my final self-assessment. I tried my best with to revise this blog post. I still need help with revising and proofreading, but I think I’m improving by the day.

            Blog Post 9 I think I showed effective consideration of writing purpose. When I first started blogging I wasn’t writing for a purpose, I was just writing because I had too. In this blog I think that I started writing for a purpose. I was expressing how I had started like blogging, but I was running out of things to write about. I think by doing that I was writing for a purpose.

            Car Lust I think I showed effective consideration of my audience. I picked a fun topic on this ds 106 assignment. I showed consideration of my audience by choosing a picture of a nice car, that I think everyone wish that could have and writing about the car.

            I hope to improve on how to develop a thesis and how to support my thesis. I also hope to learn how to integrate others’ ideas into my writing and how to document others’ ideas in my writing. I still need to improve on my proofreading and editing. I know that I will learn how to do this one day.  I now have a lot of resources I can refer back to all because of this class and I will forever be grateful for this class.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What People Think I Do

            I chose to do my DS 106 assignment on the “What People Think I Do” meme. I chose the topic Social Media Junkies. This is my perception on how I use Social Media. Nobody really knows how we use Social Media, they think they do, but they really don’t know.

            Our friends constantly think we’re on Facebook. Our bosses think we’re always tweeting away at work. Our mothers think we’re really wasting our time. We think we are really “networking”. When we really are just commutating with each other.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Car Lust

         I didn’t know what I wanted to do my ds106 assignment on this week. I was going through the assignments and Car Lust caught my car. This assignment wants you to pick your dream car and write about it.

            I absolutely love this car. I have been obsessing over this car for many years. Every time I’m driving and I see one (which isn’t often), I get so excited like it’s my car. It looks so beautiful under the sunlight. I know when people think of Range Rovers, they think of very expensive cars which they are. But I know one day I can afford my dream car. I got the photo from www.autoblog.com

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Sunset

A Sunset
            I decided to do my DS 106 assignment on the Visual assignment. I picked A Sunset. The reason I decided to do this one is because while in Panama for Spring Break I took a beautiful picture of the sunset. I was having a great time on the beach and the sunset caught my eye, so I decided to take a picture of it and the picture came out great.