Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Final Self-Assessment

Final Self-Assessment

            I have grown a lot these last fourteen weeks. From the length of my blogs getting better, to how to learn to revise my writing, I have grown. Being in this class has changed me a lot. When I first started this class I hate blogging and I didn’t like working in groups. Since being in this class I have grown to like blogging and I actually don’t mind working in groups now. In high school I started to hate writing, but now since being in this class I’m starting to like it again.

            Stop Kony 2010 was my best piece of writing this semester. I took my time with this piece of writing. I brainstorm and mapped ideas out for this post. I think I accomplish most of the goals I stated in my final self-assessment. I tried my best with to revise this blog post. I still need help with revising and proofreading, but I think I’m improving by the day.

            Blog Post 9 I think I showed effective consideration of writing purpose. When I first started blogging I wasn’t writing for a purpose, I was just writing because I had too. In this blog I think that I started writing for a purpose. I was expressing how I had started like blogging, but I was running out of things to write about. I think by doing that I was writing for a purpose.

            Car Lust I think I showed effective consideration of my audience. I picked a fun topic on this ds 106 assignment. I showed consideration of my audience by choosing a picture of a nice car, that I think everyone wish that could have and writing about the car.

            I hope to improve on how to develop a thesis and how to support my thesis. I also hope to learn how to integrate others’ ideas into my writing and how to document others’ ideas in my writing. I still need to improve on my proofreading and editing. I know that I will learn how to do this one day.  I now have a lot of resources I can refer back to all because of this class and I will forever be grateful for this class.


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