Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Working in groups use to be a challenge for me. I used to always get stuck in the group with people that were slackers and didn't want to do work. I always ended up doing all the work by myself and that use to frustrate me. I didn't feel that it was right that me and the people in my group were getting the same grade. So when I found out that we would be working with groups a lot in this class, I got scared because I didn't know what kind of people would be in my group. Luckily I got Christian and Simone as my partners. I know that we're hard workers and will work really great together.

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  1. Yes! i had the same problem with the lazy ass folks in my groups. I was so nervous the first day in class when she said group work. I wanted to get up and walk out! I was like man, What have i gotten myself into?? I am glad we are in a group together. I think we will work well with each other.