Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blog Post 6

We are doing another wiki project this week and this time I’m working alone. It feels strange working alone because the last couple of weeks we have been in groups. I use to be hate working in groups before I took this class, now I actually like it. My problem this week is that I’m not in a group and I’m afraid that I won’t my best on this project. I think that I have gotten so used to working in a group, that I’m afraid my project won’t be its best because I’m working alone. I mean I know I can produce a good project alone, but it may not be as good as the people that are working in groups. Sometimes I need motivation for me to my work and being in a group was my motivation, but now that I’m working alone I have to be my own motivation and get my work done.

            My challenges this week is working alone and trying to do my best on this project. I know it’s not a hard project, but I know that I ‘am able to do it. So I hope do a good job on this wiki project. I also know that if I need help with anything that anyone of my classmates will help me.

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  1. That is my challange as well. I feel as if I work with my group we can motivate each other to finish the project and with there help and advice we could some how together find a way to make the synopsis good enough to post