Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DS 106

DS 106

            I think this DS 106 project is going to be a very exciting project. I think I will do really well with this project. I think it’s really cool that we get to choose our own assignments. Every student has a different style of learning, so I think this project will work for everyone in some kind of way.

            I have been looking through the DS 106 page and I have seen a lot of interesting assignments that I would like to do. I can’t wait to do The Way it should’ve been. This assignment you get to choose a book or movie and you get the change the way it ends. I can’t wait to write my blog on this assignment because it’s a couple of movies I want to change the ending to.

            This is a great website. All the assignments on here are really cool. There are some assignments to pick from it’s going to be hard to just pick one. The only part I’m skeptical about is that thousands of people are going to reading my blogs and I’m afraid that they might not like my blogs. Hopefully the people that read my blogs will like them and leave me positive feedback.

            I’m really excited about this project and I hope everyone in class is also. I know this is going to be a great project to work and a fun way to finish the semester out. If we get a class like at JSU, I would definitely enroll in it because I know it would be a very fun class.

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