Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog Post 9

When I first started this this class I knew what blogging was, but I had never did it before. Since we have a blog due every week I have fell in love with blogging. It seems like as the weeks go on I’m running out of things to write about. Sometimes it feels like I sit in front of the computer at least an hour or so before something comes to mind. I don’t want to write about the same things over and over but I don’t have anything to write about anymore. I try to think all day what I could possibly write about, but nothing seems to come to mind. I try to brainstorm and think about what I have done in my classes, but still nothing comes to mind. I hope I don’t keep having this problem because it’s no fun just sitting in front of a computer, trying to think about something to write. I don’t just want to throw something together and then my blog won’t say well. So I hope things get better.


  1. Girl, i know what you mean. I feel like i am running out of things also. I am like "What do i write about!?!?". I agree, as the semester comes to a close i am running low on fuel, but we gotta push. Sometimes ill start writing and then i will have an idea pop into my head. Im like yes! This is what i need to write about!! You got it girl. Take everything into consideration!

  2. I agree I'm also running out of topics. I feel if I wasn't so busy maybe I can put more time and creativity into my writing. I kinda feel I just need a break maybe spring break will refresh me